Nicole’s Story

It was Valentine’s Day. Although the plus sign on the pregnancy test was glaringly clear, I took two more, all with the same results—I was pregnant. A positive pregnancy test was not the present my boyfriend was expecting on Valentine’s Day, and his response confirmed that: “Take care of it; you have to get an abortion.”

I knew he was right. There was no way I could do this by myself; an abortion was the right thing for me to do.

I went to Resources for Women with my mind set on getting an abortion. I was told that they did not offer abortions, but that they could educate me about all of my options. My first thought was, “I don’t want to be judged”, but judgement was the opposite of what I experienced while I met with Patty, my advocate. I had no idea about the procedures or different types of abortion. Everything was happening so fast, so I decided to stay and get the full information about my options and resources.

During my first consultation, I felt peace and cared for. By the end of our time together she asked me if I wanted to get an ultrasound. I was scared but I thought, “I have to know what is really going on.” After all, I was so early in my pregnancy that I didn’t think I would be able to see much at all.

When the ultrasound began and I saw my baby’s heart beating so fast, I knew there was a life in me; that was the moment I knew I was keeping this baby. I was sure I would be having a baby girl and her name would be Valentina.

The day Valentina was born was the happiest day of my life. Before she came, I was always late on rent, struggling with my bills, living such a different life. Since she has arrived, I am a completely different person; even my friends tell me that I am happier, more responsible, mature and accountable, and overall a better person. She has made me a better person. I want my daughter to be proud of the mom that I am. If Resources for Women did not exist, I would not be holding this precious baby in my arms.

 I am currently going through THRIVE, a mentorship program that is offered by Resources, and it has had an immense impact on my life. It has been truly eye-opening and has helped me to evaluate some areas in my life and make better choices going forward.

I wish more people knew about Resources for Women and everything they offer. I am so thankful to them and for all the people that make this possible.