Benjamin’s Mom

This passage hopes to express my gratitude for the Resources for Women Center.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was 25 years old and was feeling unsure about the pregnancy. With a Google search I thankfully found the Resources for Women.  

I am married, but during that period it wasn’t the most stable of relations, which made me feel insecure about my own future, let alone the future of another tiny human being brought into this world. My family and friends were all elated to hear the news, but they were not the ones who would be responsible for the baby. I smiled and accepted their congratulations. However, I knew that once the child was here, I would lose almost all of my friends, as well as the family that once made promises to be supportive. I knew that my family would only help when it was convenient for them. They do not live in the area, and would be required to travel to visit. Therefore, having their help to raise the child wasn’t an option. I was suddenly feeling alone and conflicted.  

I remember my first appointment at the center like it was yesterday. I showed up and was greeted with open arms. I promptly filled out the required paperwork and went to the bathroom, where it was confirmed that my life would be changed forever.  

At a later appointment, I had my first ultrasound at the center, where I met the love of my life for the first time on screen. It was this day and their support and words of motivation that led me to fully commit to accepting the title of a mother.  

Other classes I have attended at the center include: parenting classes, THRIVE, and Bible study. Resources for Women has been there for me in all forms of support. Where my family couldn’t be and the space my friends had created, they filled in and helped me during such a crucial time.

To this day, I continue to seek their classes and recommend them to everyone I meet that I feel could benefit from their services.

There were many special moments in my experiences with the Resources for Women. One was that I really needed clothes for my son. On a bright summer afternoon, I had showed up to get some diapers and wipes, as well as bring back the clothes he had outgrown for another mother to use. That same day and time that I was there, a woman was donating like-new clothing, all in his size.


If I would not have had the center, I don’t know what I would have done. I felt like such a terrible mother for not being able to provide these simple necessities for a child that is existing because of me. Instead, they made me feel empowered, and like a wonderful mom for seeking those resources.  

To the supporters of the Resources for Women, I hope I have brought confidence in your donations that they are going towards much needed and appreciated services for people like me.